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Affective Politics and the Interface of Culture Wars

Public Seminar on the Affective Politics and the Interface of Culture Wars. Talks by Camilla Møhring Reestorff, Jonas Fritsch, Søren Rasmussen, Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Richard Grusin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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Monday 14 March 2016,  at 09:00 - 16:00


Aarhus, Denmark

In the aftermath of the war against terrorism, the global financial crisis and more recently the humanitarian disaster in Syria so-called culture wars have been intensified. These culture wars are often concerned with national security and cultural coherence and they rely on a particular kind of mediatized affective cultural politics (Reestorff 2016) and on premediations (Grusin 2010) that reflect a “desire to make sure that the future has already been pre-mediated before it turns into present (or past)” (Grusin 2010, p 4). As such culture wars also result in mediatized and premediated – physical as well as imaginary – fortresses (Bermajo 2009; Carr 2015; Hann 2014) in which continents and nations are imagined, guarded and invested with affective levels of experience. At the seminar we investigate the ways in which new fortresses are constructed to restrict, control and surveil movement and to mobilize individuals in affective – often national – collectivities. As such we will investigate the affective forces that contribute to the mobilization, imagination, bordering and surveillance of publics and communities. This will be reflected in studies of datamediation and the affectivity of surveillance and exposure, data generated research and surveillance and the affective politics of border control.


09.00-09.15: Welcome
09.15-10.00: Camilla M Reestorff: The Affective Politics of Border Control
10.00-10.15: Coffee Break
10.15-11.00: Jonas Fritsch: Affective Interaction Design at the End of the World
11.00-11.45: Bodil Marie S Thomsen and Søren Rasmussen: Data Generated Research and Surveillance – or Seeking Patterns in Random Information
11.45-12.30: Lunch Break
12.30:13.45: Richard Grusin: Datamediation, Citizenfour, and the Affectivity of Surveillance
13.30-14.15: Walk to AIAS, Auditorium, 1632, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B
14.15-16.00: Bithaj Ajana: Metric Life: The Biopolitics of the Quantified Self