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Reestorff: Official collaboration with the Danish Actor's Association

2019.01.01Reestorff has officially engaged in a collaboration with the Danish Actor's Association on an investigation of their members' experiences of discrimination, inequality and abuse

Thomsen: “Affects and events as new perspectives in artistic and aesthetic research”

2018.12.06Presentation of Thomsen's research at Aesthetics Colloqium, Lund University, 6 and 7 December, 2018.

Samson: "Relational and affective aesthetics – Leaving the house"

2018.12.06 Oral contribution at the Research colloquium Aesthetics: Windows and Doors, Lund University.

Rasmussen: Computational Throbbing and Affective Waiting

2018.08.30Together with Winnie Soon, Søren Rasmussen gave a talk entitle Computational Throbbing and Affective Waiting for the Affects, Interfaces, Events conference, 30. August 2018.

Thomsen: “Affective Modulations and Receptacles - or Bodily Felt Interfaces”

2018.08.30Conference paper, 30 August, 2018, at the Conference Affects, Interfaces, Events, Aarhus, Denmark (29-30 August).

Reestorff: "Skam, skrivning og #metoo"

2018.08.29Talk for Kakafoni, Aarhus.

Thomsen and Kofoed: Co-organising and teaching the PhD-course "Thinking Affect in relation to Events and Interfaces"

2018.08.28In conjunction with the Affects, Interfaces, Events conference, a PhD course was organised and taught by Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen and Jette Kofoed.

Rasmussen: Talk and demo of Co-notate at SummerPIT 2018

2018.08.27As part of SummerPIT 2018, Søren Rasmussen gave a demonstration of the design prototype Co-notate and presented the research aims and contributions, which was followed by a discussion of the prototype.

Fritsch & Samson: "Change the Refrains: Eco-logic Design for the Revaluation of Urban Environments"

2018.08.21Jonas Fritsch & Kristine Samson presented a joint paper for the conference Capacious - Affect Inquiry / Making Space at Millersville University, August 8.-11. 2018.

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