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Jette Kofoed: Visiting scholar at Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex

During October 2016 Jette Kofoed stayed at Sussex Humanities Lab as a visiting fellow.

2016.10.31 | Søren Rasmussen

Among other things during Jette's stay in Sussex, she gave a lecture entitled 'Juggling Pace, Affectivity and Ephemerality in Digital Youth Lives' from the following abstract:

Youth’s life on social media is often referred to as ephemeral, in the sense that relationships lack emotional depth. Snapchat is a photo-sharing app that currently reigns popular amongst youth and is described as an ephemeral social media (vs persistent social media) where content self-destructs after a short time. Paradoxically Snapchat seems to provide new possibilities for intimacies, possibly due to the very ‘unimportance’ of the content shared. A breadth of affectivities is opened up by the new temporalities in apps where content self-erases. This seems to make fertile ground for both intimate bonding in teenage friendships but also to afford options of extreme exclusions when the same intimacies are breached and pictures are screenshot and spread on other social media. This would be the case in cyberbullying and sexting. This paper investigates both the promises of intimacies held in Snapchat practices and the breaches of intimacies when the confidentiality embedded in sharing unimportant snaps of everyday intimate situations is screenshot and shared.

Read more at http://www.sussex.ac.uk/shl/.